The year is 1938 and the world is starting to change. The Great Depression still grips many nations under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Europe is on the brink of war. Roosevelt’s Brain Trust has discovered that a new breed of humans have been emerging since 1935 and hopes to get ahead of it. Since the Trust is in favor of the Soviet method of the government controlling everything, they have convinced Roosevelt to create a new office to “recruit” this new breed.

The recently established Office of Extraordinary Gentleman seeks to find and recruit those who have extraordinary gifts ranging from remarkable, to low metahuman, to downright supernatural. You have each received an invitation to join the Abnormal Cases Unit that has recently been established. Their current target is Professor Harold Crane, expert in psychology and genetics. He is wanted for suspicion on mob activity, illegal experimentation, and terrorism. You are assigned to capture him and stop whatever nefarious plans he seeks to threaten the nation with.

Office of Extraordinary Gentlemen